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Online Marketing – The 7 Ds

The key to online marketing lies in the system. Most people would say if you have a big list you can succeed. While that is mostly true, I have seen people with a targeted list of 1,000 blow away those with a list of 100,000 or more as far as dollars generated. So, the system is the most important piece.

If the system is the most important piece with regard to online marketing, how do I create a “system” for me, right?


So, where do we start?

Julie Andrews had it right (or should I say Maria Vonn Trapp). The very beginning is the best place to start.  Here are the 7 steps to create any deliverable in the online marketing arena:

Define your target market
Develop the message/product you are trying to get to that market
Detail your strategy for getting your message to your audience
Design your screens and graphics for distribution
Deliver your message strong
Dispense your product
Deposit your cash

This process can take many forms depending on the size, cost, genre, etc.  Therefore, each step is important to completely detail out how you are going to accomplish.

It is important to keep in mind that there is no cookie cutter method because each product is so different.  There might be a specific process for an e-Book -vs- an internet course.  Or there might be a process that works well for a software program, but fails miserably to sell a webinar.  The underlying seven steps still dominate.  They must be in place.

This is the first time you will want to see Ds.  You didn’t want to see them on your report card, but you want to have them rock solid Ds in your internet business.


Accounting and CPA Solutions

Accounting firms and CPAs see hundred of businesses or customers a year. These are all opportunities for income. However, usually you have one revenue stream from that customer.

As a result Live Business Online has developed a plan whereby the Accounting Firm can become a reseller of Web related services hosted and serviced by LBO and capture residual products and services from that customer going forward.

Use your database to grow your business and create massive loyalty to your current products and services.

Multi-Level Marketing Solutions

In the ultra-competitive world of Multi-Level Marketimg (MLM) you need an advantage.  Normal “templated” sites don’t give you that distinct edge.  You need your own domain to differentiate yourself frm the masses.  The smart MLM company gives you that capability.  If yours doesn’t, have them get in contact with us.  Or, let us show you, as a leader how to take your organization national or international using the right tools on the web.

Blogs Made Easy!

Welcome to WordPress MU. We provide ultra high quality Word Press Blogs with over 100 themes to choose from. With WordPress MU you get all of the all the features and ease of use that you’ve come to expect from WordPress along with the added piece of mind that your installation is going to be kept fully updated, hosted on top of the line servers, and under 24 security using a combination of automated security software and a staff of server admins.

In today’s Social Marketing World, blogging has become the number one way to attract new prospects to your website. With your blog your able to create an interesting dialog of articles and updates that your prospects and clients can follow, communicate back with comments, and even help spread your message by posting your blog entries on other social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, and Digg.

Please send us an email to find out more about how a blog hosted on WordPress MU can help you take your business to the next level.

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